Border Logistics

Focus Logistics provides a unique specialized service catering to companies that operate manufacturing and assembly plants on the U.S. & Mexico border.

The largest concentration of our border business moves through the El Paso, TX gateway into Juarez, Mexico. Juarez can be credited with taking the lead in what is dubbed the Maquiladora industry. Juarez is the geographical mid-point of the 2,000 mile long U.S. & Mexico border.

Focus Logistics offers nightly two-day truck service into El Paso, Texas from Chicago, IL. We also provide nightly next day service from Los Angeles, CA to El Paso, TX.



Additional Strengths Include

  • Consolidation programs into El Paso, Laredo and Nogales from the entire United States
  • JIT Transportation programs
  • Airfreight capabilities
  • Highest levels of service available
  • The most competitive rates available
  • Bilingual staff
  • Deep understanding of border-related topics

Allow us to become your Transportation partner for your Mexican plant operations.

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